Announcer Gary McColman
William Booth Dorian Baxter
Catherine Booth Sue Lyon
Bramwell Booth David Lyon
W.T. Stead Richard Linley
George Railton Glen Bonham
Elijah Cadman Brian Winfield
Peter Monk Bob Lawton
George Head Rick Goth
Rebecca Jarrett Hazel Hobbs
Clair Stevens Gillian Mclean
Capt. Ada Smith Hallie Burt
James Dowdle Denis Hartles
Isobel Wicken Janine Wilks
Edward Elridge Neil Barber
Jimmy Medhurst Dick Miller
Mrs. Broughton Carole Gordon
Eliza Armstrong Alicia Finan
Frank Carpenter Simon Andrew
John Lawley Mark Pickwell
Capt. Pearson Alan Stott
Florence Booth Ingrid Holmgren
Lady Cairns Peggy Haggerty
Lucy/Young Prostitute Wilma Fournier
Young Bramwell Kyle Richmond
George Bernard Shaw Sheldon Feener
Miss Higgins Pam Arthur
Stevens Gordon Fairbank
Capt. Francis Kirby Angus Richmond
Mrs. Cadman Audry Gavaghan
Queen Mother Jill Hodkinson
Prostitute At Funeral Kathryn Horsley
Irish Flower Girl Sharon Crooke-Dowsley
Jimmy/Copy Boy Gary Carr
Rev. Launcelot Railton Al Jones
Lord Chamberlain David Brown
Sweep Frank Gavaghan
Mrs. Finnegan Merrilyn Barber
Angry Woman in Crowd Wendy Winfield

Auxiliary Music

Fiddle Joe White
My Sins Rose As High As A Mountain Colonel William Ratcliffe
All Band Music The Salvation Army Kingston Citadel Band

Additional Characters

Beasley Alan Stott
Dr. James Paget
Mission Worker Angus Richmond
Major Fenny Bob Lawton
King Edward
Evan Smith
Angry Men in Crowd
Cab Driver Worthing
Court Clerk
Worthing Constable
Drunk in Tavern Brian Winfield
Cab Driver / Dorset Square Denis Hartles
Conductor / Worthing Train
Worthing Constable #2
Man Buying Paper
Horace White Dick Miller
Professor Orson
Cab Driver / to Palace
Cab Driver / Clacton
Lord Shaftesbury
Police Constable
Drunk in Blind Beggar Frank Gavaghan
Lightnin Jack
Dancer #2 Gillian Mclean
Jenny Turner Hallie Burt
Annie Swan
Eliza Shirley
Lilly / Bar Maid Hazel Hobbs
Dancer #1
Woman in Tavern
Mrs. Holden / Housekeeper Jill Hodkinson
Capt. Caroline Reynolds
Brothel Keeper / Pimlico
Lady in Whitby #3
Monique / Maid
Lady in Whitby #1 Merrilyn Barber
Mrs. Finnegan
Woman Marcher
Cab Driver/London Neil Barber
Lady in Whitby #2 Pam Arthur
Brothel Keeper / Soho
Lieutenant Combe
Lady Cairns Peggy Haggerty
Emma Shirley
Woman in Tent
Blind Beggar Owner Richard Linley
Ollie Oliver
Cab Driver / City Road
Drunk in Tent
Local Clergyman
Prison Official
Someone in Crowd
Howard Vincent Rick Goth
James Flawn
Coach Driver
Man From Whitby
Officer At Gate
Someone Else in Crowd
Conductor / Whitby Train Roger Boddy
Professor James Stuart Simon Andrew
Lady in Crowd Wendy Winfield
Stenographer Wilma Fourier
Man in Crowd Glen Bonham
Doctor Alan Stott
Dr. Miln Glen Bonham
Conductor/Charing Cross Station Ted Augustyn
Owner Of Warehouse Sheldon Feener

Project Team

Written, Produced and Directed by Glen Bonham
Music Written and Orchestrated by Bruce Ley
Production Manager Michelle Sim
Graphic Design Kyle Bonham
Executive Producers Pat Burden
Ian Sim
Ray Braddock
Gordon Fairbank
Sandi Lockett

We gratefully acknowledge the authors and publishers of the following books:

Recorded at Studio J (Kingston, Ontario, Canada).

Mastered at Longshot Studios (Kingston, Ontario, Canada).

CD Pressing & Packaging by AVP Digital (Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada).

Technical support by Gary Johnson.

Westminster Bridge photo courtesy the New York State Archives.

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