Blood & Fire

Blood & Fire CD CoverDiscover the Radical Roots of The Salvation Army!

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The year was 1865 when William Booth walked towards home through London’s East End. The abject poverty and spiritual bankruptcy of England’s poor totally overwhelmed him. Arriving home he slumped into a chair and exclaimed to his wife Catherine, “Darling…I’ve found my destiny.”

Blood & Fire is the incredible story of William and Catherine Booth and the founding of The Salvation Army, brought to life through a wonderful journey in sound and drama.

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From its fledgling days as the Christian Mission, meeting in a tent on the Mile End Waste in east London, to the organization now recognized world wide as The Salvation Army, we span over seventy years in the telling of its riveting story.

It’s hard to believe that The Salvation Army, in its infancy, was hated and despised by so many in England. So much so that the brewers and innkeepers backed local thugs and encouraged them to raise up an opposing army known as the Skeletons. Marching under the banner of the skull and crossbones, the Skeletons would wade into the Salvationists meetings, beating men women and children in a desperate attempt to quell their growing numbers. But the Salvationists, battling evil with good, overcame all opposition, and grew into the well-respected organization that it is today.

Join us in a stirring odyssey as we bring together the nostalgic days of radio drama, and infuse it with modern sound design, dynamic sound effects, and a powerful musical score, to recreate the inspiring story of the founding of The Salvation Army.

This three CD, nine episode audio drama series covers over seventy years of the adventurous and exciting historical events of one of the world’s most respected Christian organizations — The Salvation Army! Commencing at the funeral of William Booth, this high quality production looks back at The Army’s humble and courageous beginnings. Written, produced and directed by screenwriter Glen Bonham, Blood & Fire, with a cast of 38 talented actors depicting 120 characters, will inspire and infuse its listeners with the same radical faith that moved upon The Army’s earliest pioneers.