Escape from the Eagle

Mob Waits Outside The Eagle

Sound / Angry mob still milling around in front of eagle

Angry man in crowd #1

‘Ey can’t stay in there forever. ‘Ey gotta come out some time.

Angry woman in crowd

I says we just wait ‘em out.

Angry man in crowd #2

I seen them! I seen them! They’re over on Pitfield Street! They went out the back way! Let’s go get ‘em!

Sound / Deafening roar as mob pursues — running feet

The Mob Attacks

Sound / Mob coming down street


Heads up George! I think they’re on to us!


The police are right behind them . . . they may be able to hold them off.

Sound / Mob getting closer


Hold your ranks men. Stay in a tight group.

Sound / Clash of mob and salvationists

John Lawley

Commissioner Railton. One of the lady officers is down.


Is she hurt?

John Lawley

Some policemen are with her. They pulled several men away from her . . . they were kicking her pretty badly. It doesn’t look good sir.


What do you mean?

John Lawley

I think she’s dead sir!

Music takes us to the next scene