Sound Bytes

All sound bytes are in mp3 format, encoded at 128 Kb/s.

Escape from the Eagle

(Disk 2, Episode 4, Track 1, 17:50 — 19:19)

In 1882, General William Booth had purchased the Eagle Tavern, a notorious complex of buildings that housed The Grecian Theatre, Dancing Pavilion and Billiards Hall, capable of seating 10,000 people. It was his plan to turn the complex into a meeting hall for The Salvation Army’s use. Possession of the Eagle was taken on August 12 of that year.

George Scott Railton and Bramwell Booth led a march of Salvationists over one thousand strong through an angry mob to take possession of the Eagle Tavern. Once inside they realized that the mob outside was not dispersing. As a matter of fact, it had grown in numbers and was now waiting for the Salvationists to exit. A plan was made to escape out the back way. The sound byte starts here.

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Men Sleeping Under Bridges

Disk 3, Episode 8, Track 2, 15:03 — 16:52

Previous to this scene, William Booth had travelled to Holland. He and Bramwell were riding in a carriage on their way to the train station when something caught the General’s attention: he noticed some men under a bridge. He inquired of Bramwell and was told the men had nowhere else to go. Two weeks later, on his return from Holland, the General summoned Bramwell to his room. This sound byte picks up the scene.

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Elijah Cadman’s Conversion

Disk 1, Episode 2, Track 2, 15:45 — 18:02

Leading up to this scene, ‘Fiery’ Elijah Cadman has come calling on William Booth, seeking to join him in his “fight against sin and the devil.” Elijah has been telling his life story, and the sound byte picks up as he is at the point of recalling his conversion.

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W.T. Stead’s Plan

Disk 2, Episode 6, Track 3, 15:46 — 17:52

W.T. Stead, the editor of London’s famous Pall Mall Gazette, has agreed to help the Salvation Army expose the illicit exploitation of young girls by raising public awareness through articles in his newspaper. In order to do so, he has come up with a plan to plant someone in a brothel, thereby helping him to gather the evidence he needs. A young Salvationist, Jenny Turner, has agreed to assist him. The sound byte picks up at their meeting.

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