The Concept

William BoothWhile working on some rewrites for a movie he had written, Canadian screenwriter Glen Bonham was taking a stroll with two friends who were working on the film on location in the picturesque Southern Ontario town of Oakville. They were talking about some new ideas for screenplays when the question, “What do you know about William Booth?” came up.

Encouraged to do some research on the founders of the present day world-respected Salvation Army, Glen began to look into the lives of William and Catherine Booth, and what he found convinced him that their amazing story would be his next project.

Intensive and extensive research began via books, the Internet and Salvation Army historians. Glen began to write the screenplay and explored the possibility of turning the script Blood & Fire into a docu-drama or a made-for-TV movie. While seeking advice from friends, the idea of a radio drama surfaced, which evolved into the end product — a three CD set covering over seventy years of Army history beginning with the exciting and dangerous work in East End London.

For the Booths, the early days were filled with drama, intrigue and disappointments. Fueled by their faith in God and encouraged by their followers, Blood & Fire tells the tale of how the Booths were chosen and divinely lead as The Army emerged, and of the incredible influence it had on individuals as well as nations. Most people outside of The Salvation Army are not aware of the dramatic story of William and Catherine Booth and even within The Army, its radical beginnings can sometimes fail to be appreciated.

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