Glen Bonham

glen_crop_bio.jpgFrom Nightclub performer, to Live Show Producer. From owner of a notorious Biker Bar, to Television Producer. From Youth Camp Director for the Circle Square Ranch ministry to Pastor. From Screenwriter to Audio Drama Producer. When all is said and done, Glen Bonham has done it all — and loved every minute of it! “The experiences of the past have definitely prepared me for my current profession as writer/producer,” explains Glen.

Although he was always a storyteller, it wasn’t until he was in his in mid-fifties that he decided to express his creative side through writing, which was a little unusual because the desire to write tends to express itself at a markedly younger age. Never-the-less, Glen was determined to write. Eventually his talent as a screenwriter caught the attention of The Visual Bible Company who commissioned Glen to write three screenplays that took him to Morocco for the filming as both writer and historical consultant.

Upon his return to Canada he wrote a screenplay for a feature film which was produced by Sunny Days Productions called, The Rev. Emmy Award-winning producer, Deborah Gabler, and director Kelly Sandeflur, (producer of all 215 episodes of Family Matters) have used The Rev storyline to produce a sitcom pilot.

It was during the pre-production of The Rev that Glen was asked by one of the production crew, “What do you know about General William Booth?” “Not much,” answered Glen. But he was curious enough to do some research. What he discovered captivated him and set the course for the next eighteen months researching the roots of the General and his Salvation Army. The culmination of that quest is Blood & Fire, the story of William and Catherine Booth and the founding of The Salvation Army, which Glen wrote, directed and produced as an audio drama.

At present, when most men his age are looking toward retirement, Glen has currently set his sights on a new career as a writer of fiction. This all came about when he came across a remarkable book that chronicled, day-by-day, the life of Elvis Presley. While reading about Elvis’ early childhood, and his Christian upbringing, Glen was immediately struck with an idea for a novel. That journey that would take him through two years of research and a full year of writing, culminating in his first full-length novel, The Elvis Interviews. The title might suggest that Glen has drifted from his Christian message. “Not so,” says Glen. “Read the book…”

Readers reviews have been so positive that Glen has already started a sequel called, The Missing Years.