Disk 1

Episode 1

East End London
Peter Monk
Professor Orson’s Dancing Academy

Episode 2

Change My Name
Visiting the Pubs
George Scott Railton
‘Fiery’ Elijah Cadman

Episode 3

James & Clair Dowdle
From Christian Mission to Salvation Army
Catherine Preaches ‘The Flag’
A woman’s campaign

Disk 2

Episode 4

Printing of the War Cry
Taking the Eagle Tavern
We need a uniform

Episode 5

Capt. Ada Smith
The Skeleton Army
Worthing Riots

Episode 6

Annie Swan
W.T. Stead’s Plan
Jenny Turner

Disk 3

Episode 7

Jenny Turner (cont.)
Rebecca Jarrett
Stead Procures a Minor
Maiden Tribute to Babylon

Episode 8

Maiden Tribute (cont.)
Scroll of Names to Parliament
Catherine’s Illness
Catherine’s Funeral

Episode 9

Audience with the King
Booth Preaches in New Castle
Last Instructions to Bramwell
Going Into Dry Dock

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