Elijah Cadman’s Conversion

The Boxing Saloon

Elijah Cadman

I opened a boxing saloon in a tavern to stage public exhibitions. I was enjoyin’ my success when one Christmas . . . I’ll never forget the day, it was December of 1861 . . .

Warwick Gaol

Sound / Crowd in courtyard

Elijah Cadman

We were lookin’ for a bit of diversion, so a friend and me decided to attend what was to be the last public hangin’ ever held outside of Warwick Gaol. We found us a barrel to stand on so we’d get a good look.

Sound / Snare drum playing / Crowd quiets down

Prison Official

Billy Cobham . . . you’ve been charged wiv premeditated murder . . . and you’ve been tried and found guilty by ‘Er Majesties court. You ‘ave been sentenced to be hanged to the death fer your crimes. God Save the Queen!

Sound / Lever pulled - Trap door opening / Crowd roars

Elijah Cadman

I looked around at the mob . . . and they was all angry and yellin’. And all I could think of was . . . man’s inhumanity to man. Isn’t that strange? Men rose early, tramped miles, spent money, put themselves to great inconvenience for the pleasure of watching other men die. Why, I did it myself. I had to get out of there . . . so I left.

Boxing Saloon

Elijah Cadman

I was all of a sudden disgusted with my sins. I found the biggest hammer I could, and went back to me boxing saloon.

Sound / Hammer smashing and wood splintering

Elijah Cadman

I began poundin’ that ring like it was the devil himself. Smashed it to bits I did. Then I swore off tobacco, the drink, and every other foul thing in my life.


Elijah Cadman

I took up the cause fer God right after that. I got me the biggest bell I could find and I went out to tell people about what ‘appened to me.

Sound / Ringing bell

Elijah Cadman

Come and hear Elijah Cadman, the sober sweep as he gives an account of his own drinkin’ experience. Come and hear him! Come and hear him!