The Score

Bruce LeyComposer Bruce Ley has worked as a musician and musical director for over thirty years. He began playing in bands in his late teens, writing and composing for himself and others. In his twenties he worked as a keyboard player on television and as a session player in the recording industry. After a jaunt to California in the mid-1980s, Bruce was one of the first to bring back to Canada a Fairlight Computer system, which he used to set up a jingle company in Toronto’s City TV building.

Moving just north of Toronto to Caledon, Bruce changed over to the Macintosh Midi system and relocated his recording studio to Bolton where he operated for twelve years, recording artists and composing for numerous film and television projects. He wrote the music for the short Painted Door which won an Oscar nomination for Best Short Film for Atlantis Films, was nominated for a Genie award for Best Score for Marionettes, and wrote and recorded all the music for the children’s series Join In which took prizes at virtually every festival in which it was entered.

Now operating from his full 32 track Protools studio located at his country home, Bruce continues to do scoring for various television programs, including the popular Elliot Moose series, but in the last number of years has concentrated his efforts on radio production, film scoring, and recording artists. He has recently produced several wonderful classical recordings, a jazz collection and gospel albums. He has done all the original music and sound recording for his wife’s radio series Love and Blessings, from Hollyhock House.

Bruce’s work on Blood & Fire is nothing short of brilliant, bringing to life both the exuberance and the heartache of London’s East End in the mid-1800s.

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